Enervit magneesiumi-kaaliumi pulber 15g

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Enervit Magnesium and Potassium is a magnesium, potassium and vitamin C supplement indicated in case of a reduced intake of such nutrients or of an increased need. One sachet provides 600 mg of potassium, 160 mg of magnesium and 80 mg of vitamin C. The product is indicated to replace the mineral salts lost while sweating during the warmest periods or as a result of a physical activity.

Informazioni nutrizionali

Per dose (1 pack 15g) *%NRV

Potassio 600 mg 30

Magnesio 160 mg 43

Vitamina C 80 mg 100

Sucrose (65,3%) - tripotassium citrate (11,2%) - Magnesium citrate (10,5%) -  Acidulant: citric acid – Acidity regulator: sodium citrate - Cornstarch - Flavouring -  Thickener: sodium carboxymethylcellulose - L-ascorbic acid – anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide - Sweetener: sucralose - Colouring agent: curcumin. It may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, egg, soy, milk, sesame, nuts.

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